Welcome to DisneyItemsWanted.com! I pay cash for all types of Disney items!

Located in the heart of the Disney Magic in Orlando, FL I have a passion to gather all types of Disney Collectibles.

As you can tell from the map below, I buy Disney items from all over the country. I buy everything from entire collections to individual Disney Items including artwork, pins, signs, awards, merchandise, props, statues, and just about anything I can get my hands on that is Disney.

Do you have a piece or pieces of Disney Memorabilia you would like to sell? Why not contact me with the information? I may just be interested in what you have and it helps put cash in your pocket for those items just sitting around the house, garage or attic.  Turn it into cash by simply contacting me from anywhere.  I can comepick the items up from you locally in Florida, you can bring them to me oreven have items shipped to me from all over theworld. 

Let me know if you have Disney  items you want to sell for Cash.  Check out my list of items I want and how I work to know how and what I buy. Try to have a price in mind for your items because I want you to feel good about the money you get.

The dots on the map below shows just some of the places where we have bought Disney items. Are you the next dot? Could be. Email me at magic@disneyitemswanted.com or call 407-284-1934 today!